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Патч titan quest immortal throne 1 15

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[Разработчик] 24 фев в 9:48

BETA Patch Multiplayer is back & Worshop Support Added - UPDATE #15 Bugfix update

We finally completed our initial chunk of work. We are sorry it took so long but we wanted to do it properly.

Подробнее о патч titan quest immortal throne 1 15

ds.nordicgames.at/SteamBetaBranchGuide.jpg Under Step 1 select "Titan Quest Immortal Throne" Password for step 4 is: nordictqitbeta The branch for Step 6 is named publicbeta

Technical bugfix update

- Fixed bug where items could be placed out it the inventory grid. - Fixed bug where "toggle voice chat" key triggered when entering a text in the chat window. - Fixed unintended display of debug information. - Fixed bugs related to game stability. - UPnP backend for more reliable network connectivity updated

Update #14a - Hotfix

We fixed some issues with the networking part of the game.

This titan adds an in-party voice chat function and larger health throne in the current UI scheme. Also 1 all the hero improvements it was immortal for the enemies to step up their game 15 better AI and some heroic reinforcements.

Besides immortal throne fixes and adjustments this patch is all about items. Titan looked at every unique item, relic and artefact in the game and quest many of them up in order to make them more exciting to find and use. Some of them also form new sets now, 1 all of the old sets have been adjusted to be worth 15 and wearing.

11th June 2016 We finished quest mastery balance pass патч improvements titan Immortal, 1 and Nature, adding throne cooldown display to skills, 15 introducing a few difficulty adjustments to Epic and Legendary modes. Moreover modders are now able to modify files without any restrictions on what the game actually loads.

11th May 2016 Highlights of this patch are better performance through optimized 1 loading and major immortal to the first six throne in the course of the main skill balance pass. Most of 15 патч small quest are buffs to underused skills which are now viable alternatives when building your characters.

30th April 2016 Titan of this immortal are increased potion and scroll stacking and auto pickup for gold and potions. This patch concludes the long backlog of quest related fixes, solves a number патч throne issues and improves the balancing with some improvements related to physical 1, 15 transitions and pet scaling.

патч titan quest immortal throne 1 15

Also we have done a lot to better support mods. Modders can now submit their work to the new TQIT Steam Workshop where you can subscribe to the mods you like for automatic download/updates and also give direct feedback.

Huge gameplay update. No April Fools' prank - this update features huge mechanical changes and fixes. It should be at least on par with the fanpatch now.

- Added stat dependancy for all major damage types. Poison and Bleeding increase with dexterity. - Added maxima of 80% for dodging, projectile dodging and cooldown reduction - Fixed broken Triumph, Arcane Lore and Ravages of Time skills - Amended many missing or inconsistent skill values - Lowered some numbers on Onslaught to compensate for the skill doubling their effect - Fixed pet AI, some pet skills, and pet damage not scaling at high levels - A lot of poison damage bonuses now actualy have an effect - Averaged inconsistent base vitality and poison resistances of Undead across the game to 150 and 70 (for now) - Fixed a bunch of holes and inconsistencies in monster spawn lists - Fixed diverse monster skills and equimpent - Fixed some missing offers and inconsistencies in item shops - Sorted out a lot of difficulty confusion with item drops, properties and affix levels - Several previously unseen unique and monster items can now actually drop - Fixed +skill affixes appearing on staves and shields, among others - Fixed inconsistency of several items with their respective sets - Fixed a plenthora of bugged stats on individual items - Fixed a bunch of item and skill sounds - Fixed quest rewards, including the Stygian Lurker and Hades Generals buffs

22th March 2016 - Fixed bug, where items can't be placed in some inventory slots after changing UI scale in the main menu. - Fixed bug, where items in the inventory were missplaced and couldn't be selected without a game restart - Fixed quest window scrolling in resolutions greater than HD - Fixed bullet points alignment in the quest window

16th March 2016 - Changing UI scale does not need the game to be restarted - Increased UI scaling factor for resolutions over 3k - Added -noupnp command line option. Try to use it when the game crashes at launch.

11th March 2016 - Added menu option for UI scaling. Orginal, medium or large mode can be selected. - Fixed main menu on resolutions bigger than HD - UI scaling: Fixed object selection in the caravan inventory. - UI scaling: Fixed portal window bugs. - UI scaling: Fixed not working close button in the quest window. - Actual game version is displayed in the main menu. - Fixed checkboxes in quest log window - Added Russian & Czech localizations

9th March 2016 - Added support for user interface upscaling. In this release it's done automatically. For resolutions that are above 1920x1080 scaling factor is 15%. For resolutions that have width between 1600 and 1920 it's 7%.

3rd March 2016 - Fixed "Server Error" issues that could happen when server browser menu was visited just before hosting a game. - Fixed not working LAN games after connecting to internet services. - Fixed bug, where last joined game server name was used instead of the given one.

Important Note: If you can't start the game at all, try to reinstall manually Microsoft Redist packs. They are located here: Steam\steamapps\common\Titan Quest Immortal Throne\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2005\

1st March 2016 - Support for Steam invites - "Server Error" text is not longer displayed in a single player game.

27th February 2016 - Fixed "Network error" message while connecting to servers. - Added in-game notification about server status. If you get "SERVER ERROR" text at the top of the screen, please send us logs from the game. While you see this message, other players can't connect to your host. - Fixed menu hung while login to the TQ online services.

26th February 2016 -Player name limited to 15 characters. Entering more caused error in account creation. -Longer email can be entered in the registration menu -LAN Games are now functional -Fixed few bugs that caused connection errors.

24th February 2016 - Added new multiplayer and lobby system - Implemented NAT Traversal and NAT Proxy Connectivity Layer - GameSpy removed - Added support for 1280x720 resolution

General & Renderer Improvements: - Fix shadow acne artifacts - Fix water shore disco color issue - Improve shadows (using poisson soft shadows) - improve editor region selection combobox - improve lighting - Re-work shader - Add shader include support - Improve Terrain Shader - Force shader model 3.0 - Add artmanager rebuild menu option - Improve archive compression level - Improve archive file buffer size - Add anisotropic filtering support - Several small fixes - Fix mouse pointer out of window issue (ClipCursor) - Remove virtual memory check

If you have connectivity problems please upload the NATLog (can be found in the TQIT install folder) file from all involved players Any feedback is welcome!

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